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Complete List Of Articles, With Links: H-Q

This is the second of three blog entries listing all of my articles, with links.  It was one entry, then became two, but now Blogger is forcing me to make it three because of the length.  This entry is for reviews of bands, H-Q.  The first has A-G.  The third has R-Z, plus soundtracks, compilations and miscellaneous articles.

The Heavy Guilt
- The Heavy Guilt: "In The Blood" CD review

Richard X. Heyman
- Richard X. Heyman: "Tiers/And Other Stories" CD review

Dan Hicks And The Hot Licks
- Dan Hicks And The Hot Licks: "Crazy For Christmas" CD review

Hot Club Of Cowtown
- Hot Club Of Cowtown: "What Makes Bob Holler" CD review

Shannon Hurley
- Shannon Hurley at The Hotel Cafe 8-31-11 concert review

I See Hawks In L.A.
- I See Hawks In L.A.: "New Kind Of Lonely" CD review
- I See Hawks In L.A.: "Shoulda Been Gold" CD review

Jim Infantino
- Jim Infantino: "Strawman" CD review

Kate Jacobs
- Kate Jacobs: "Home Game" CD review

Megan Jacobs
- Megan Jacobs and Holland Greco at The Sunset Strip Music Festival, 8-19-11

Jefferson Airplane
- Jefferson Airplane: "Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 10/15/66 Late Show - Signe's Farewell" CD review
- Jefferson Airplane: "Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 10/16/66 Early & Late Shows - Grace's Debut" CD review
- Jefferson Airplane: "Live At The Fillmore Auditorium 11/25/66/ & 11/27/66 - We Have Ignition" CD review
- Jefferson Airplane: "Return To The Matrix 02/01/68" CD review
- New Jefferson Airplane Albums To Be Released

Freedy Johnston
- Freedy Johnston: "Rain On The City" CD review

Diana Jones
- Diana Jones: "High Atmosphere" CD review

- Kanary: "Haunted" CD review

Tommy Keene
- Tommy Keene: "Behind The Parade" CD review

Paul Kelly
- Paul Kelly: "Greatest Hits: Songs From The South Volumes 1 & 2" CD review

Kelly's Lot
- Kelly's Lot: "The Light" CD review
- Kelly's Lot: "Live In Brussels" CD review
- Kelly's Lot: "Pastrami & Jam" CD review

Albert King
- Albert King: "The Definitive Albert King On Stax" CD review
- Albert King: "I'll Play The Blues For You" CD review

Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan
- Albert King With Stevie Ray Vaughan: "In Session" DVD/CD review

Carole King
- Carole King: "Pearls: Songs Of Goffin And King" CD review
- Carole King: "Simple Things" CD review
- Carole King: "Touch The Sky" CD review
- Carole King: "Welcome Home" CD review

King Teddy
- King Teddy: "Stirred And Shaken" CD review
- King Teddy: "A Very Teddy Christmas" EP review

The Brian Kinler Band
- The Brian Kinler Band at M Bar, 6-23-12
- The Brian Kinler Band At Vitello's - Concert Review
- The Brian Kinler Band Performs At M Bar In Hollywood, 10-3-10
- The Brian Kinler Band: "Stories From The Quarter" CD review

Terry Knight And The Pack
- Terry Knight And The Pack: "Terry Knight And The Pack/Reflections" CD review

Sonny Landreth
- Sonny Landreth: "Elemental Journey" CD review

Alvin Lee
- Alvin Lee: "Still On The Road To Freedom" CD review

The Life Of Riley
- The Life Of Riley: "The Life Of Riley" CD review
- The Life Of Riley: "Live In Hollywood At The Hotel Cafe" CD review
- The Life Of Riley: "Long Way Home EP" CD review

Mark Lindsay
- Mark Lindsay: "The Complete Columbia Singles" CD review

Little Richard
- Little Richard: "Here's Little Richard" enhanced CD review

Sam Llanas
- Sam Llanas: "4 A.M." CD review

The Loomers
- The Loomers: "Reeling Down A Road" CD review

Los Lobos
- Los Lobos: "Kiko 20th Anniversary Edition" CD review
- Los Lobos: "Kiko Live" CD review
- Los Lobos: "Kiko Live" DVD review

The Lovin' Spoonful
- The Lovin' Spoonful: "Daydream" CD review

Jan Luby
- Jan Luby: "Nobody's Girl" CD review

Madame Pamita
- Madame Pamita show review

Aimee Mann
- Aimee Mann: "@#%&*! Smilers" CD review

Marley's Ghost
- Marley's Ghost: "Ghost Town" CD review
- Marley's Ghost: "Jubilee" CD review

Jimbo Mathus
- Jimbo Mathus: "Blue Light" EP review

Paul McCartney
- Paul McCartney: "McCartney" CD review
- Paul McCartney: "McCartney II" CD review
- Paul And Linda McCartney: "Ram" CD review

Anne McCue
- Anne McCue: "Broken Promise Land" CD review

McGough & McGear
- McGough & McGear: "McGough & McGear" CD review

Lori McKenna
- Lori McKenna: "Pieces Of Me" CD review

James McMurtry
- James McMurtry: "Childish Things" CD review
- James McMurtry: "Live In Europe" CD review

Bill Medley
- Bill Medley: "100%/Soft And Soulful" CD review

Modern Field Recordings
- Modern Field Recordings: "We Got Ur Back" CD review

Thelonious Monk
- Thelonious Monk: "Thelonious Alone In San Francisco" CD review
- Thelonious Monk Quartet: "Misterioso" CD review
- Thelonious Monk Septet: "Monk's Music" CD review

The Monkees
- Davy Jones (1945 - 2012)
- The Monkees At Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell, MA - 6-15-11
- The Monkees: "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" Disc 1: Stereo Album CD review
- The Monkees: "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" Disc 2: Mono Album CD review
- The Monkees: "The Birds, The Bees & The Monkees" Disc 3: Raritees CD review
- The Monkees: "Changes" (1970/1994 Reissue) CD review
- The Monkees: "Daydream Believer And Other Hits" CD review
- The Monkees Film Is Released On Criterion Collection DVD
- The Monkees: "Head" Deluxe Edition Box Set Disc 1 CD review
- The Monkees: "Head" Deluxe Edition Box Set Disc 2 CD review
- The Monkees: "Head" Deluxe Edition Box Set Disc 3 CD review
- More Photos Of The Monkees At Lowell Memorial Auditorium

Ryan Montbleau
- Ryan Montbleau Band: "Heavy On The Vine" CD review

Wes Montgomery
- Wes Montgomery: "Boss Guitar" CD review
- Wes Montgomery: "The Very Best Of" CD review

Peter Mulvey
- Peter Mulvey: "Goodbye Bob" CD review

Gary Nicholson
- Gary Nicholson: "Texas Songbook" CD review

The Nields
- The Nields Celebrate 20 Years Of Excellent Music

Willie Nile
- Willie Nile: "The Innocent Ones" CD review

- ODi: "Maslow's Songbook" CD review

Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez
- Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez: "The Deep End" CD review

The Orlons
- The Orlons: "The Wah-Watusi/South Street" CD review

Over The Rhine
- Over The Rhine: "The Long Surrender" CD review

Buck Owens
- Buck Owens: "Bound For Bakersfield 1953 - 1956: The Complete Pre-Capitol Collection" CD review

Alex Painter
- Alex Painter: "The Joyful Process" CD review

Parker, Gillespie, Powell, Roach, Mingus
- Parker, Gillespie, Powell, Roach, Mingus: "The Quintet: Jazz At Massey Hall" CD review

Patrolled By Radar
- Patrolled By Radar at The Federal Bar, 6-1-11
- Patrolled By Radar: "Be Happy" CD review

Ellis Paul
- The Day After Ellis Paul Day
- Ellis Paul at McCabe's in Santa Monica 1-23-11 Concert review
- Ellis Paul at The Hotel Cafe 5-24-11 Concert Review
- Ellis Paul Day In Boston, Massachusetts
- Ellis Paul Is Coming Back To Los Angeles
- Ellis Paul: "The Speed Of Trees" CD review
- Ellis Paul: "Sweet Mistakes" CD review
- Ellis Paul: "Translucent Soul" CD review

Lucky Peterson
- Lucky Peterson: "You Can Always Turn Around" CD review

- Phish: "Live Phish 20: 12-29-94" CD review

- Phranc and Peter Case at California Plaza, 8-20-11

Steve Poltz
- Steve Poltz: "Noineen Noiny Noin" CD review

Punk Is Dead
- Punk Is Dead: "One Hesher, Two Punx And A Hippy" CD review

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