Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Girl Who Didn't Like Music

I once briefly knew a girl who didn’t like music. She owned only one CD, and that because it had been given to her. So of course I tried playing some of my favorite artists for her, figuring she just hadn’t been exposed to the right music yet. But no, nothing. Music had absolutely no effect on her. There was no song that made her smile, no song that made her cry. No instrument moved her, not even the violin or cello.

Later I discovered that as a child she had killed every pet her parents had brought into their home, and some of the neighbors' pets as well. And now police are looking to question her about the death of a young homeless woman. So, if you ever meet someone who doesn’t like music, be sure to give him or her a wide berth, for chances are that person is without a soul.

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