Saturday, September 24, 2016

Monkees Dream

This morning I dreamed I was at a Monkees concert. It was outdoors, and Mike Nesmith was playing with them (so the Pantages show was not his final Monkees performance after all). It was a really good show, and rather than the usual encores, Mike Nesmith sang a new song to end the evening. I loved the song, which was a serious number, but needed to know its title to include on my set list. After the show, I went to ask Mike what the song was called, but he was busy. I think “Sorrow” was in the title, but it was a long title (though of course it wasn’t “Long Title”), and it was one that you couldn’t figure out from the lyrics (you know, like “Tapioca Tundra”). Before I could discover the name of the song, I woke up. And then I realized I’d actually written the song, so I could name it anything I wanted. Except, of course, I hadn’t written it, but only dreamed it, and soon all the lyrics were gone from my memory, and all that remained was the basic feel of the song, or rather, how it made me feel. Oh well. I need a machine to record concerts in my dreams. But at least I got to see Mike Nesmith perform with The Monkees again.

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