Friday, February 10, 2017

Destroying Donald Trump In Song

As much as I would love to see Donald Trump physically removed from the planet, it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen anytime soon. I was hoping he would suffer a heart attack, but the trouble with that is he doesn’t have a heart. However, musicians have been releasing songs ridiculing him. And I believe this is a man who can be ridiculed out of existence. He has the thinnest skin of anyone to ever walk upright. Here are a few songs that are worth checking out. And why not share them with Donald?

“Can’t You Tell?” by Aimee Mann

The first song against Trump that I heard was Aimee Mann’s “Can’t You Tell?” A friend sent me the link on January 10th. In this song, Aimee Mann sings from Donald Trump’s perspective, portraying him as a frightened, unstable lunatic. “Isn’t anybody going to stop me now?/I don’t want this job/I can’t do this job/My god, can’t you tell/I’m unwell.” And she plays with his name on the lines, “I throw out any shit I want/And no one trumps that card.” I love these lines too: “To wind up all the tops and watch the others keep the spin/You handing me grenades is just compelling me/To pull the pin.”

Click here to watch the lyric video of the song.

“The Stammering Yam” by Jim Infantino 

Then on January 18th, I heard this great song from Jim Infantino (of Jim’s Big Ego and End Construction), offering some truths about the president (originally titled “Unbelievable”). “He’s a racist fascist/broke misogynist hateful vengeful/leering lecherous friendless narcissist/treacherous villainous bogus ghastly/stammering yam.” And check out these lines: “He's a thin-skinned tangerine/Who’s compulsively mean/To protect his self-esteem/Believe me.

Click here to watch the video of Jim performing it.

“Not Gonna Say Your Name” by Entrance

“Not Gonna Say Your Name” is one I first listened to on January 22nd. It opens with some beautiful vocals, delivered a cappella: “There are people who say we ought to give you a chance/But there’s not a chance in hell/That we’ll sit back and watch you try to turn back the clock/And just sigh and say ‘oh well.’” This is a passionate and excellent song. “I’m sick of your name/I’ve heard it enough/I’d rather not hear it anymore.” And here are some lines I think a lot of folks will appreciate: “Tell me, don’t you have a mother?/A daughter, a wife?/Man, you really ought to be ashamed/The way you brag about grabbing what gave you your life/You must really think life is a game.” The video has footage from the protests. By the way, this song is a benefit for Planned Parenthood.

Click here to watch the video.

“Evil Baby” by Mercy Weiss

On February 1st, I was sent a link to the music video for “Evil Baby” by Mercy Weiss. This is a fun, playful and still poignant song, with a good groove. “I know what you are/Get out of the house/You’re evil, baby.” I’ve already listened to this song several times. This video also has footage from protests.

Click here to watch the music video.

“Mr. No. 1” by Carolina Mae And The 21st Century

I also first heard this one on February 1st, though it was actually released before the election. It plays on Trump’s vanity, even including a reference to Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain.” Here is a taste of the lyrics: “You think we’d let a fool into Air Force One?/You think you’d make America great again?/Man, you’re the worst fuck-up since Vietnam.”

Click here to watch the music video.

“Piñata Trump” by The Krayolas

Sung in Spanish, “Piñata Trump” is a delightful tune about hitting Trump with a stick (something we all want to do at least ten or twenty times a day). “La Piñata Trump/Por favor, dejame pegarle/Con el palo de la escoba.” The music video includes an English translation of the lyrics for those folks who don’t speak Spanish.

Click here to watch the video.

“Hey God, I’ll Trade You Donald Trump For Leonard Cohen” by Steve Poltz

Well, this one obviously speaks strongly to me. And I’m already a big fan of Steve Poltz’s work. But it’s a seriously excellent song, and one you’ll probably be singing along with soon enough. “Hey God, I’ll trade you Donald Trump for Leonard Cohen/Come on, God, you know which the way the winds are blowin’/The climb, it is so high, and then it starts a-snowin’/What do you say, God, Donald Trump for Leonard Cohen.” And if God won’t go for it, Steve offers to trade Donald for other folks we lost in 2016, like Muhammad Ali, Carrie Fisher (“We don’t need some swindler, pussy grabber and a kisser/What do you say, God, Donald Trump for Princess Leia”), David Bowie, Harper Lee, and Prince.

Click here for the video.

“Talking Bowling Green Massacre Blues” by Jim Infantino 

This is another hilarious song from Jim Infantino. The only downside to Donald Trump being forcibly removed from office would be an end to these Jim songs. This one tells the story of the frightening events that occurred in Lizard Woman Kellyanne Conway’s brain. It is done in the talking folk song style that Woody Guthrie developed and that Bob Dylan used in some of his early work. “Chaos wasn't everywhere/Screams did not fill the air/Black smoke failed to cloud the sky/Lots of people did not die/It was carnage/American carnage.” And check out these lines: “So a lot of time passed/Now it seems everybody remembers Bowling Green/When Frederick Douglass and Schwarzenegger fought side by side.”

Click here to listen to this song on SoundCloud.

“Dump Trump” by Melissa Cox

This is a fun and passionate (and not at all subtle) folk tune about the “sexist racist orangutan.” Check out these lines: “Thank the GOP for this monstrosity/And the media for giving him his press for free/Yeah, we all say that he'll just go away/If we ignore the stupid shit he says every day.” Yes, this song was recorded before the lunatic was actually elected. “It’s easy to be wealthy when your daddy is rich/Now he’s taking your donations in a bait and switch/Why do the poor like Trump despite/The fact he hasn’t been poor a day in his life?

Click here to watch the video.

“The Manchurian Candidate” by Not The Good China

This is a song with the punk energy that we need to combat this mendacious bastard. And it presents a great idea: “Let’s build a wall/Around that liar.” Build a wall around Trump? Perfect! Hey, I bet Mexico would gladly pay for that wall. Turn this one up and sing along. Here is a taste of the lyrics: “Let’s box him in/Let’s build a wall/To save our children/Let’s keep the Donald hidden/Make America great again.” This one is also known as “An American Song,” and indeed it is.

Click here to watch the video.

Keep those songs coming, friends!

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