Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Dreaming Bull Finishes Residency at The Silverlake Lounge

"The Spell"
Last night was the final night of Dreaming Bull’s November residency at The Silverlake Lounge. I got there quite early, and the first band, Satellite Sky, was just setting up. The place was fairly empty, but I knew that that meant nothing. Los Angeles people aren't generally early to arrive, and by the time Dreaming Bull took the stage, the place would be packed with eager, hungry music fans. And as this was one of the band’s last shows of the year, my expectations were high.

They’ve already taped their segment for Last Call With Carson Daly, and it’s supposed to air in mid-December, so there is that to look forward to. And then a few breaths after that, the year will be over. Time seems to be in some kind of hurry, and I’ve yet to discover just what it’s rushing toward, what it’s so excited about. But it’s been a good month of music, with four Dreaming Bull shows.

The band took the stage around 10:30 p.m., and Gabe jokingly announced, “We are Cheap Trick.” They started “Lover Street” and were off and running. By the way, Gabe was wearing a Momma Stud T-shirt (I still need to get a copy of that band’s album). After “Lover Street,” they did “Coming Home,” and then Nic, to avoid any confusion, said, “We are Dreaming Bull.”

“Feed Us” was particularly good tonight, and they followed that song with three of their newest tunes – “Hearts State Penn” (which they introduced last week), “Pulling The Plug” (one of my favorites) and “Smile On Your Face.” They ended the set with “The Spell,” which they hadn’t played the last couple of weeks. Nic tuned his guitar in the middle of the song, then happily announced, “Now I’m in tune!” He also introduced the band during that song.

They clearly planned on doing “Bull Rida” as the encore (it was on their set list), but this venue has a habit of turning on the house music the second a band puts down its instruments. And though the audience was calling for an encore (one woman actually called out for “Bull Rida”), once the house music came on, everyone stopped, understanding that as the signal that no encore was forthcoming. But after a moment, the band decided to play it anyway, and came back on stage. It was a fun rendition. And it was a great set of music.

Set List
  1. Lover Street
  2. Coming Home
  3. Hippie Hobo
  4. Feed Us
  5. Hearts State Penn
  6. Pulling The Plug
  7. Smile On Your Face
  8. No Use
  9. The Spell 
  1. Bull Rida
Here are a few photos:

"Lover Street"
"Lover Street"
"Feed Us"
"Feed Us"
"Hearts State Penn"
"Pulling The Plug"
"Pulling The Plug"
"Bull Rida"

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