Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Grateful Dead Auction

The reunion/farewell Grateful Dead concerts are coming up, but in the meantime a Grateful Dead auction is going to be held. Called the Grateful Dead Family Jubilee Auction, this will take place on April 11th and April 12th. For sale are items from a private collection based in the Chicago area, and it doesn't seem that any of the proceeds go toward any of the Grateful Dead-related charities. There are some interesting items, however, including several items signed by band members. A lot of it is, as you might guess, expensive. But there are also a number of items with low starting bids - T-shirts and the like (one item I'm curious about is Grateful Dead: The Game, an unopened board game that I'd never heard of; its starting bid is $10).

As for the more expensive items, some of the surprises include Grateful Dead equipment road cases used on tour, a test pressing of Jerry Garcia Band's Run For The Roses album, and a Built To Last RIAA Gold Sales Award for the sale of over 500,000 copies from the Grateful Dead office in San Rafael. There are also drum sticks and cymbals used by Mickey Hart.

And of course there are plenty of posters and framed photographs.

There are 346 lots for the first day, and 365 lots for the second day. You can check out all the items at the Grateful Dead Family Jubilee Auction site. The items for each day are listed separately, so here are links to both...

Day One (April 11, 2015)
Day Two (April 12, 2015)

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