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Greg Brown: "One More Goodnight Kiss" (1988) CD Review

Greg Brown opens this album with the title track, "One More Goodnight Kiss," a great late-night song. Soulful in its attitude, perfect in its execution, this is a excellent song. Radislov Lorkovic's keyboard part really works.

"Say A Little Prayer" is another song on the quiet, mellow side.

"Mississippi Moon"

"Mississipppi Moon" has a definite bluesy feel to it. This is one of those songs of Greg Brown's that reach back into people's collective memory of childhood. He always does such a great job of making these songs live as memories of the listeners.

The song starts, "Me and my brother saw an awful thing/Comin' up outta the river/A hot night in June/We ran back to the porch/And Daddy wiped his brow and said/'Boys, that's just the Mississippi Moon.'"

The only thing marring this song - and at that, only slightly - is the dark cymbal crashing.

Album Is Full Of Nostalgia And Images Of Childhood

"Cheapest Kind" is another song of childhood. The lyrics include, "Dad and me would stop by the store when the day was done/Standing at the counter he said 'I forgot to get the peaches, son'/'What kind should I get?' I said to him there where he stood in line/And he answered just like I knew he would, 'Go and get the cheapest kind.'"

This album is full of nostalgia and yearning for a time passed. But when listening to Greg Brown sing these songs, the past is right here for listeners to enjoy. What a wonderful thing to be able to wrap up a time, a feeling and present it to everyone to share. Greg Brown does this as well as anyone.

"Canned Goods" is another nostalgic song. A taste of the lyrics: "I really gotta go down and see her soon/Cause the canned goods that I buy at the store/Ain't got the summer in 'em anymore/You bet, Grandma, as sure as you're born I'll take some more potatoes and a thunderstorm."

"Walkin' Down To Casey's" also presents images of childhood. This song speaks of that time in childhood when there are hints of its end, of something larger coming. And part wants to hold onto childhood, and part wants to move on. With this song, Greg Brown has captured that time for the listener to enjoy, no matter how long ago he himself (or she herself) moved on.

"I Can't Get Used To It"

"I Can't Get Used To It" is a really cool song with some great guitar work, and also a wonderful keyboard section.

"Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon" is a fun song, whose horn part reminds one of that great New Orleans sound. Then it suddenly switches gears and locations, with some percussion reminding one of the Caribbean. Oddly, this works. And then the horn returns.

"Our Little Town"

"Our Little Town" is about a small town that's dying. It's sad, and it's sweet. Some of the lyrics are "I don't have to read the news/Or hear it on the radio/I see it in the faces of everyone I know/The boards go up/The signs come down/What's going to happen to our little town."
Bonus Songs On CD

The CD contains three bonus tracks: "Cronies," "It Gets Lonely In A Small Town" and "I Wish I Was A Painter." The lyrics to "I Wish I Was A Painter" are based on a poem by Ella Mae Brown.

Musicians On The Album
The musicians on this album are Greg Brown on vocals and guitar, Marc Anderson on percussion, Marcia Bjerke on backing vocals, Pat Donohue on acoustic guitar, Radoslav Lorkovic on keyboards, Dan Lund on electric guitar, Peter Ostroushko on violin and Steve Pikal on trombone.

This album was released on Red House Records.

CD Track Listing
The following is the track list for Greg Brown's "One More Goodnight Kiss":

  1. One More Goodnight Kiss
  2. Say A Little Prayer
  3. Mississippi Moon
  4. Cheapest Kind
  5. Canned Goods
  6. I Can't Get Used To It
  7. Rooty Toot Toot For The Moon
  8. Walking Down To Casey's
  9. Speed Trap Boogie
  10. Our Little Town
  11. Wash My Eyes
  12. Cronies
  13. It Gets Lonely in A Small Town
  14. I Wish I Was A Painter
(Note: I originally posted this review on February 24, 2010.)

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