Thursday, November 29, 2018

Carla Campopiano Trio: “Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections” (2018) CD Review

Carla Campopiano is a flutist who was born and raised in Argentina, then lived in Chicago. Her new EP, Chicago/Buenos Aires Connections, bridges the two places, the two cultures. Joining her are Angel Colacilli on guitar and Gustavo Cortinas on drums and percussion. The music these three create is absolutely wonderful, full of joy, full of passion, full of life.

The EP opens with “Sacachispas,” a piece composed by Julio De Caro. What a total delight! It immediately transports me away from all the current insanity plaguing our country, dropping me off in a cool, romantic land where everyone dances and drinks, and the night has a warm breeze. This track features some excellent work on flute. That’s followed by “Melancólico,” which begins with some wonderful work on guitar. The flute then calls us all together, gathering us to join in a dance which it then leads. The flute is partner to us all, and what a wonderful partner. There is so much joy to the playing. “Melancólico” was written by Julián Plaza. Then, with barely a pause, the trio launches into “Don Agustín Bardi,” a piece written by Horacio Salgán. Yes, this is a realm where the music and the wine flow generously. I dig the loose, yet intricate work on percussion, which gives the music a spontaneous feel. This is a lively number.

Then “La Balada Del León” is a mellower, thoughtful piece, at least at the start. It then picks up a bit at moments, but it is in those quieter moments that the piece has an undeniable beauty, the flute offering solace and warmth. “La Balada Del León” was written by Gustavo Cortinas. That’s followed by “Zita,” this one having an unusual opening. It then builds from there. On this track, Angel Colacilli switches to bass, and Julián López plays guitar. Partway through, this track takes a breath, enters into a mellower section that is quite moving, particularly the work on flute. It then explodes into a burst of vibrant movement again, with some nice work on percussion, and is probably the most intriguing of the EP’s tracks. It was composed by Astor Piazzola, as was the EP’s final track, “Triunfal.” The flute begins this one, flute and percussion working together, creating an unusual dynamic. This track features some interesting changes too, and has a rather sudden ending.

CD Track List
  1. Sacachispas
  2. Melancólico
  3. Don Agustín Bardi
  4. La Balada Del León
  5. Zita
  6. Triunfal
Chicago/Bueno Aires Connections is scheduled to be released on CD on December 7, 2018.

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