Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Grownup Noise's Final Shows (At Least For Now)

The Grownup Noise is one of my favorite current bands. But after this weekend, they may no longer exist as a band, and certainly not in the form we know. The good news is that they have a new CD out. So the shows this weekend are part celebration of the new album, part farewell. Last night they played at the Davis Square Theatre in Somerville, Massachusetts. Tonight they play at Lily Pad, in Cambridge. This is their last official show, but it turns out the band also has a show scheduled for tomorrow. It's not listed on their web page, because it's at a residence. Like many artists these days, The Grownup Noise had turned to fans for help in funding the new album. One of the incentives or rewards was a house concert, and the show is to take place tomorrow, August 16th, from 3 to 5 p.m. in West Medford. It's going to take place on the porch, so people are encouraged to bring along their own beach chairs and refreshments. The address is 41 Monument St., West Medford, Massachusetts. I really wish I could be there. 

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