Tuesday, February 19, 2013

End Construction Reunion at Club Passim, February 24th

When I was in high school, one of my two favorites bands (the other being the Grateful Dead) was End Construction. This band is composed of, in alphabetical order, Brian Doser, Jim Infantino, Ellis Paul and Jon Svetkey. (Their last names spell “DIPS,” and their second album, which was never recorded, was going to be titled Dips In The Road.) I would see them perform every chance I got. And those shows were some of the best nights of music of my life. Each of those four singer/songwriters has such a distinct style and personality, and when they’d play together it was basically magic. 

They used to do a bluegrass David Bowie medley that was ridiculously fun. I loved this band so much that when I started a folk and acoustic radio program in Eugene, Oregon, I named it after one of their songs, “Dogs Run Free.” (That song still completely cracks me up.)

They stopped playing together in the early 1990s, each pursuing his own musical career. But they’ve done a few reunion shows over the years.  And later this month, on February 24th, they are getting together again for two shows at Club Passim in Cambridge, Massachusetts. If you live within five or six hours of Boston, I strongly recommend you go to these shows. There’s a five o’clock show, and an eight o’clock show. I’m seriously bummed that I’m going to miss them.

Besides the fact that these are four excellent singer/songwriter/musicians, there’s another reason to attend these shows. They are going to benefit a friend of the band, who needs help with medical costs.

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