Friday, January 21, 2022

Meat Loaf (1947 – 2022)

I can't believe Meat Loaf is gone. That man was a force. He put on one of the best concerts I ever saw, and that was back when he was a giant. It was 1989 or maybe 1990. He had a bunch of new material, what would later be released as Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell. That was the first set. Then for the second set he played all the stuff we knew and loved. And then he came back and played another set, a shorter set, all 1950s rock and roll tunes. It was fantastic. The whole time he was running around on the stage like a madman, belting out those songs with that incredible voice. So glad I was there for that. That was in Worcester, Massachusetts. Tickets were five dollars. What a time. Then when Bat Out Of Hell: Back Into Hell was released a few years later, I won a copy of it in a raffle at a Rocky Horror Picture Show event at a bar. I actually don't think my number came up. I was drunk and kept yelling out the number on my ticket, and I think the guy just got tired of me and thought, "Let's just give this jackass a CD and shut him up." It worked. 

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