Saturday, May 14, 2016

Ticketmaster Needs To Be Taken Down

I had such a great time at the Dead & Company shows in Worcester and Los Angeles last year. And after seeing some footage from the band before and after the recent Grateful Dead Meet-Up At The Movies screening, I started itching to see them in concert again. This summer they’re doing a show at Irvine Meadows, which isn’t all that far from me. But the big problem is the ticket price. My friend said that tickets in the loge section are $91.50. Now that’s already too high. At that price, a band can’t give an average show. They have to deliver an amazing show every single night. As ridiculous as that price is already, with the fees, each ticket comes to $118.55. That’s $27.05 in fees. The fees alone cost more than concert tickets used to. And what is it precisely that we’re paying for? What costs them $27.05? The printing of the ticket? Certainly not. I really want to know what they claim costs them $27.05 per ticket. What is it they’re doing? Are they fucking hand-painting each ticket? Are they going to drive over to our homes and hand-deliver them to us? Of course not. They’re doing no more than they used to, when ticket fees were a dollar or two, and in fact often they’re doing much less and not even giving us physical tickets.

So what do I do? I want to see Dead & Company again. But I don’t want to give the greedy motherfuckers at Ticketmaster a single cent. Are we powerless to stop these assholes? I don’t think so. One thing we can do is refuse to buy the tickets. If no one goes to the shows, eventually they will lower the prices. They’ll have to. Of course, in the meantime this hurts the bands, and hurts us. So the solution is for the government to step in and put an end to this monopoly. Remember when monopolies were bad? Well, they still are. So, come on, you can do this. After all, the world was able to stop the Nazis. Why can’t we stop Ticketmaster? I think perhaps if we employ some of the same weaponry against this evil force as was used against Nazi Germany, Ticketmaster will tumble in no time. And we can all go back to enjoying the music. Just please take care of this before July when Dead & Company come to town.

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