Thursday, June 25, 2015

So-Called Grateful Dead Farewell Shows To Be Released On CD/DVD

The surviving members of the Grateful Dead continue to milk these so-called farewell concerts. You can now order a box set of the three Chicago shows, which contains twelve CDs and seven DVDs (or seven Blu-ray discs, if you prefer). The box set is $174.98 (or $189.98 for the Blu-ray). Need I remind folks that these concerts haven't even occurred yet? Who knows if they will be any good? And why four CDs per show? Usually a Dead show fits comfortably on three discs. That makes me think they're planning on long shows, which is good. But it also makes me think they might have prepared set lists, which is not good. You can also order just the July 5th show, which is four CDs and two DVDs (or two Blu-ray discs), and that set costs $54.98 (or $59.98 for the Blu-ray). Also available is The Best Of, which contains two discs of highlights from the three Chicago shows. Again, these shows have not happened yet. A Best Of compilation from concerts which haven't been performed? It's absurd, but what's perhaps more absurd is that of course I want to buy the big box set. Oh, fuck me.

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