Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Leonard Cohen CD

There are times when I feel I could truly live off of music alone, that my body would need no other nourishment.

Leonard Cohen's new album, Old Ideas, was released yesterday. And though all my bills are overdue, I'm nearly out of food, and I don't have my rent, I went to the store to buy a copy. The right decision, of course.

Last night I turned my phone off, opened a bottle of wine (thanks to my parents) and lit a candle (thanks to John Ames Creatives) and put the album on. And lay back and listened.

This is a wonderful album. I will write a review later, but on my first and second times through, my favorites were "Amen" and "Crazy To Love You." And of course it's wonderful to hear "Darkness" again. (By the way, the photo is of Leonard Cohen performing "Darkness" in Las Vegas, 12-10-10.)

This music should keep me going for quite some time. Thank you, Leonard.

And for any who need some nourishment, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this album. Avoid all distractions. I said it before, when I was going to see my sixth or seventh or eighth Leonard Cohen concert: it's the closest I'll come to religion, to a spiritual experience.

Well, check it out for yourself. And check back here a little later, and I'll post some sort of review of the album.

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