Thursday, November 10, 2016

Leonard Cohen

I didn’t think I could take any more bad news after the election. But coming so close on the heels of that disaster is another, this much worse. Leonard Cohen has died.

I am listening to Various Positions, one of my favorite albums. “Coming Back To You” is on, and as always I am struck by his lyrics, his poetry, his honesty. “Even in your arms I know I’ll never get it right.” I know I am fortunate to have seen him in concert several times. Those shows were as close to religious experiences as I am likely to ever have. I am also tremendously fortunate to have met him. He was so generous and kind, and he signed a CD for me, as well as one for a friend who was too nervous to approach him. That was a decade ago. How cruel time can be, flying by at such a terrifying and thoughtless clip.

Sorry, folks. I really don’t know what to say here. The world just became a much sadder place.

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