Thursday, February 25, 2021

Sundae Crush: “Kiss 2 Death/Long Way Back” Video Premiere

Sundae Crush is a band based in Seattle and made up of Jena Pyle on lead vocals, guitar and flute; Emily Harris on guitar and vocals; Daniel Shapiro on drums and vocals; and Izaac Mellow on bass and vocals. They released their first full-length album late last year. Titled A Real Sensation, it is available on CD, vinyl and cassette, which totally takes me back to high school, when music was routinely released on all three formats. The album is pretty damn fantastic, calling to mind some of the early work of Velvet Underground. Sundae Crush has created a music video for the first two tracks on the album – “Kiss 2 Death” and “Long Way Back.” “Kiss 2 Death” is a seriously cool instrumental track that feels like something Quentin Tarantino would be eager to use in a film. And then “Long Way Back” combines elements of pop and punk, putting it in the same general realm as music by groups like Dressy Bessy and Tuscadero. Yeah, it’s great. “No one can be like a puzzle piece/You don’t want to do the work/I’m not a half ... I’m whole/You need to show up and do the work/‘Cause it’s a long way back.”

It is my pleasure to premiere the video for “Kiss 2 Death/Long Way Back.” Enjoy!


 Check out the band's website.

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