Sunday, January 10, 2016

Steal Your Face

I don't see that many Grateful Dead stickers anymore. I didn't even see very many outside the Forum on New Year's Eve for the Dead & Company show. In fact, none of the cars near where I parked had a single Grateful Dead sticker, at least not that I noticed. My car doesn't even have one. That's because it came into my possession in 2003, nearly a decade after the Grateful Dead ceased to exist. My previous vehicle, a 1986 Chevy van, had a lot of stickers. For a while, I was getting one at each show I attended. And when my van finally died, the saddest thing about it for me was losing all those stickers. I considered removing all the windows from the van and saving them, but... Well, I didn't do that. Seeing a Grateful Dead sticker these days always makes me happy. Someone stuck one inside the place where you deposit letters and small packages at the post office near my home.  A Steal Your Face sticker. Every time I mail a letter (or, as was the case today, some bills), that sticker makes me smile. So thank you, whoever put that there. And thank you to the post office employees for not removing it.


  1. Got my Jerry bobblehead with my split Steal your Face from might as weld, llc right here in Westwood on my office desk Michael. Dave Davis Love your writing

    1. That's wonderful! And thank you so much for the kind word.