Monday, August 19, 2013

Wet & Reckless Perform at Echo Park Rising

Wet & Reckless played an afternoon set at Taix on Sunday, August 18, as part of the third annual Echo Park Rising celebration. When I got there, they were doing their soundcheck. And it was seriously bloody hot inside. It’s a small room at the back of Taix. I didn’t know this room existed. It opens onto a sort of courtyard in the back. I wandered out there at the end of their soundcheck, and there was another stage set up back there. I asked a couple of people what band was playing, but they didn’t know. So I went back inside so I could claim my spot front and center. The others at the front were photographers. Everyone is a photographer these days.

Wet & Reckless took the stage at 2:32 p.m. and did an eight-song set. As hot as it was in the audience, it was clearly much hotter on the stage. Jessica at one point asked that the lights be turned down, but no one complied with her request. No matter. The band kicked ass anyway. I love this band. They combine punk with a sort of 1960s rock and roll flavor. And this is a band that actually seems to care that you hear what they have to say, as the lyrics are always actually clear.

The set list included "Shanty," "Your Song," "Suicide Mission" and "Walk Me Home."

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