Sunday, September 5, 2010

Listening To Ellis Paul While Organizing

A personal note: i'm starting the giant and daunting task of organizing my CDs. While doing this, i'm listening to the newest Ellis Paul CD, The Day After Everything Changed. What a great CD. I realize i haven't yet written a review of it, so i'll try to get to that soon.

My CDs are all over the place. And there is the question of where to put the bootleg CDs. Do i put them all together, or do i put, for example, the Ellis Paul bootlegs with the official Ellis Paul releases? At the moment, i'm thinking of putting all the bootlegs together, because then i'll know just which cassettes still need to be transferred to CD. Any thoughts?

I'm also finding a lot of CDs that i've never listened to, never even opened. That's insane. Of course, most of them are strange little promotional CDs from bands i've never heard of. But who knows? Perhaps there are some real gems in there. I'll get to those soon. Really.

Wow, i really love this Ellis Paul CD.

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