Monday, September 6, 2010

Leonard Cohen News

Anyone who knows me at all knows how much i love Leonard Cohen. The man is the best living songwriter (don't even think about arguing with me on this one). And he's possibly the best songwriter in the history of music.

For those who have seen him in concert, you know just how truly magical the experience is. So far i've managed to get to six shows on this 2008-2010 world tour: two in Toronto, one in San Diego, two in Los Angeles and one in San Jose. Well, the tour is coming to an end. The final show will be performed on December 11th. The locations of the final four shows will be officially announced Tuesday morning.

Between now and the time of those concerts, three Leonard Cohen DVDs will be released. The first is Bird On A Wire, the 1972 film. That is scheduled to be released on Tuesday. Then Songs From The Road follows a week later. This one contains twelve songs from twelve different concerts on this tour (including one song from the San Jose show that i attended). It's a CD/DVD 2-disc package. Also, the film will screen this coming Thursday in certain cities (including Los Angeles - hurrah). The third DVD is Leonard Cohen's Lonesome Heroes, and is scheduled to be released October 19th.

So there is a lot of Leonard Cohen material to keep us happy until the final concerts. And then, after those concerts, Leonard Cohen will focus on recording his new album.

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