Sunday, September 26, 2010

Evangenitals Set List, 9-25-10

The Evangenitals did a strange set of music tonight in Long Beach. This band is writing lots of excellent new material. They played a couple of those new songs tonight, and also a wild rendition of Prince's "Purple Rain." Here is the set list:

The Evangenitals - 9-25-10 - Puka Bar, Long Beach, CA
  1. Tall Lover Man
  2. Drunk That Way >
  3. Irene
  4. Bad Town
  5. Hard Luck Song
  6. Never Too Late
  7. How Can I Choose
  8. Sergio
  9. The Hippie Song
  10. Ode To Scientology
  11. Sun Is Shining
  12. Just Stay Away From Me
  13. Never Again
  14. Purple Rain
  15. Fuck 'Em All
  16. Gasoline
(no encore)
(The lineup for the band tonight was Juli Crockett on vocals and guitar, Henry Bermudez on guitar, Andrea Baker on fiddle, Nathan Phelps on stand-up bass and backing vocals, Michael Feldman on keyboard and Robert Shaffer on drums.)
(The Evangenitals went on a little after midnight)
(Naked & Shameless played before them)

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