Sunday, August 26, 2018

Kimia Penton: “Where The Rain Falls” (2018) CD Review

Kimia Penton is a vocalist, violinist and songwriter who creates a potent and gorgeous mix of pop, folk and jazz music on her new EP, Where The Rain Falls, a CD that features all original music. Joining her on this release are Kelyn Crapp on guitar and piano, Mike Luzecky on bass, Matt Young on drums, and Jordan Gheen on keys. This is a disc that had me fully in its grip by its third track, a disc that I enjoy more and more each time I listen to it. It follows her 2015 release, Lessons From Life And Love.

The CD opens with “Not Goodbye,” which has a gentle folk vibe at the beginning. “I think it’s funny that I’m here again/Going over lessons learned/I thought that I had moved on/I thought that I could start again.”  It begins with an introspective bent, and then as she turns more outward, the music shifts to bring in the other person. I love how the music changes as this change occurs within her. “I’m not letting you go/I’m letting you know/I’m here to stay.” That’s followed by “Show Me Love,” which has a kind of jazzy vibe, and features some absolutely wonderful work on violin. I also like the bass line to this nighttime tune. “I’m sick of all the back and forth/I’m tired of all the closing doors/Show me love, love tonight.”

The first time I listened to this disc, the song that really impressed and excited me was “Where The Rain Falls,” the title track. It’s an incredibly effective and captivating song, featuring a beautiful and uplifting vocal performance. “But don’t be afraid/Nothing has to stay the same.” There is some wonderful work on violin too, as well as some nice stuff on percussion. It is a sweet and reassuring song. “Where the rain falls, that’s where life grows.” Then “Stepping Stones” begins sweetly with some pretty work on piano. This is an excellent and emotionally engaging song. Kimia’s voice is the focus here, and it rises to some wonderful heights. There are many great lines and phrases, such as “a different time with different pains” and “The road I traveled didn’t always make sense” and “If the noise in the world drowns out the voice in my head.” “First And Last Time” is a beautiful love song, this one with a folk sound. “You’re too good to be true/But I’m trusting in you/I’m ready to say yes/I’m ready to say yes for the first and last time.” The disc then concludes with “Alive Again,” which has a livelier sound right from the start, a bright and cheerful vibe, and some good work on guitar. “I’m alive again/My heart is beating.”

CD Track List
  1. Not Goodbye
  2. Show Me Love
  3. Where The Rain Falls
  4. Stepping Stones
  5. First And Last Time
  6. Alive Again
Where The Rain Falls is scheduled to be released on CD on September 14, 2018.

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