Monday, September 19, 2011

Fur Dixon & Steve Werner Record Live CD In San Pedro - Photos And Set List

Yesterday afternoon Fur Dixon & Steve Werner performed a special concert at Alvas Showroom in San Pedro, California. The show was recorded for a live album, which is due out in early December.

They opened the show with the title track from their first full-length CD, The Pearl And The Swine. The majority of the songs from the set were from that album, including several that the duo does not often play these days. Getting to hear "Where Are We Going?" followed by "When My Face Is Covered Over" was a total treat. They followed that with a gorgeous rendition of "Summer's Gone Again," one of my favorites from their second album, Travelers.

Before "Scars," Steve joked about getting a scar while doing dishes. Then, more seriously, he said, "Some scars are less apparent. I guess this goes out to all of us."

Steve's guitar work on "Brother Tumbleweed" was wonderful, but caused Fur to laugh to the point where she stopped playing for a moment. That was one of three songs that they performed a second time during the encore, so they'd have options when putting the CD together. I personally thought the first version was better.

Before "Homesick For The Highway Blues," Steve asked the audience to give them their best possible yodel, which they did. Fur then kidded that they'd fix it in the studio later. A little later in the set, Steve's guitar mike had started to droop, so they had to pause a moment while it was adjusted. "Well, it happens to a lot of guys," Steve joked.

Fur Dixon sang "I Like How I Feel," a song written by Randall Lamb, and the only cover song of the main set. This song, and the final song of the night, "Dreary Black Hills," were the only two songs they performed from their most recent album, Songs Of The Open Road Volume One.

Besides excellent songs, one of the things that make their performances so enjoyable is the relationship between these two, the way they riff off each other, and this live album should convey that for those folks who haven't yet had the chance to see them in concert.

Set List

  1. The Pearl And The Swine
  2. Ventura County Line
  3. Every Day A Different Journey
  4. Where Are We Going?
  5. When My Face Is Covered Over
  6. Summer's Gone Again
  7. Scars
  8. My Blue Yodel
  9. Brother Tumbleweed
  10. Journey To Another Side
  11. Homesick For The Highway Blues
  12. When Will My Wandering End?
  13. Friends Around The Fire
  14. I Like How I Feel
  15. Reputation Of A Rambler
  16. Backroads And Blue Skies


  1. The Pearl And The Swine
  2. My Blue Yodel
  3. Brother Tumbleweed
  4. Dreary Black Hills

Tickets for this show were twenty dollars, and that price includes a copy of the CD when it's ready.

Alvas Showroom is located at 1417 W. Eighth St. in San Pedro. It was a really comfortable room. Bottles of water were provided at every table, and of course the sound was perfect.

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