Sunday, February 2, 2020

New Music Series at Kibitz Room, 2-1-20

Burning Manilow performing "Don't Think"
Last night Burning Manilow played a short set at Kibitz Room as part of a new music series there, to be held on the first Saturday of each month. The night kicked off with a solo set by singer and songwriter Joseph Carroll. Then Burning Manilow took the stage, getting the set off to a great start with “Don’t Think,” featuring some really nice stuff on keys. The sound was surprisingly good. After that song, bassist Darren Embry asked the crowd if everything sounded okay, and in particular if there was enough bass in the mix. The night had that kind of loose, enjoyable vibe, which I appreciated. Music series host Billy repeatedly called the band Burning Manilows, until he was corrected. He humorously offered the explanation that there was more than one of them in the band. Burning Manilow introduced a new song last night, which ended up being one of the highlights for me. “Old Shoes” was also a lot of fun. Lila Forde followed Burning Manilow with an excellent set of jazz tunes, including some originals. She was accompanied by a talented guitarist, and Burning Manilow drummer Niko Embry joined her for one song (Lila and Niko are also dating). By the midpoint of her first number, she had the entire room in her palm. Seriously, the audience was completely quiet while she sang, which was wonderful, and not something you’d expect from a little club. The Kibitz Room, by the way, is a venue connected to Canter’s, and though no servers are in the room to take food orders, you can bring food from the main room into Kibitz Room. Just order it to go from the deli counter. There is, of course, a bar in the room, and I enjoyed a couple of pints of Fat Tire. Those who ordered mixed drinks said the drinks were strong, which is good to know for next time. Apparently, both Burning Manilow and Lila Forde will be performing at the next night in this series. So I’ll see you all there on March 7th.

Burning Manilow
Burning Manilow
Lila Forde

Kibitz Room is located at 419 N. Fairfax Ave., in West Hollywood, California.

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