Thursday, May 20, 2010

Introduction To New Blog

Hello, music lovers. This blog is intended as a companion piece to my online music articles. As many of you know, I attend a lot of concerts. I also have a fairly large music collection. Whenever possible, I write reviews of my albums, as well as of the concerts that I attend. In this blog, I'll include more loosely written notes on concerts and bands, and whatever else occurs to me with regards to music.

I may also include updates on my documentary film project. Yes, I'm working with a close friend on a documentary about an amazing Los Angeles band. More on that later.

I will also try to alert people to upcoming concerts and CD releases. The majority of concert news will of course be related to Los Angeles bands and venues, as that is where I currently reside. But it will not be limited to just L.A. news.

I hope this blog will help turn people on to new music and new bands, and possibly also revive interest in older bands. There is a lot of great music out there, folks.

- Michael Doherty

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