Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today's Music

Today i've been listening to the Grateful Dead. As you're probably aware, i am a big fan of that band, and have written a lot of reviews of various releases, especially the Dick's Picks series. Today i listened to Volume One in that series, and the first disc of Volume Twenty-One. I'll be posting reviews of both of those volumes in the coming weeks.

Tomorrow i plan on listening to the Clint Eastwood CD and writing my review of it.

And soon i should be receiving the Judy Collins albums. I wasn't even aware of this until recently, but a lot of Judy Collins CDs have gone out of print. Some are pretty expensive on Amazon. Well, if you have been thinking about purchasing one of those CDs for $60 or $100 or even $300, save your money. Nine of her albums are going to be re-released in a few months. And i will be writing reviews of them. I'm really excited about these releases, especially because she does several Leonard Cohen covers.

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