Friday, October 28, 2011

Christa Couture: "Lost" (2011) CD Review

Recently Christa Couture released a sort of Best Of Ep titled Loved. That CD caused me to completely fall for her. At that same time, she put out this EP of previously unreleased material. Titled Lost, it contains five songs that showcase her wonderful voice and songwriting abilities. These songs were recorded between 2002 and 2010.

"Gone Too Far"

The EP begins with "Gone Too Far," a sad, but strangely pretty song. I absolutely love Christa's voice, and the lyrics she writes are always interesting. These lines caught me off guard: "But I like my wounds/I'm glad they're from you/Yes, I was willing." How is that for honest and torn? There is something so intimate about her delivery that you feel you could reach over and she'd be physically present. "Gone Too Far" was written by Christa Couture, Don Harrison and Ewan Deane.

"The Most Lovely"

"The Most Lovely" is an odd happy-sounding country-folk hybrid. It comes as another surprise, and makes me wonder if there is anything this woman can't do. Her voice at times reminds me a bit of Ani Difranco on this one. "The Most Lovely" was written by Christa Couture and Don Harrison.

"A Grief As This"

"A Grief As This" is a powerful tune that completely switches gears from the previous track. This one can devastate you. And again, this song contains some incredible lyrics. In this one she sings, "No, I don't want it to be that such beauty reminds me just how empty a body can be." And I love these lines: "And don't say that this is God's way/Because God is not thinking of me." Aaron Joyce arranged this version of the song. (A different version was released on The Wedding Singer And The Undertaker.)

"Let It Go"

"Let It Go" is a pretty tune that lifts you back up after the wonderful despair of "A Grief As This." It has a steady, reassuring rhythm, and lines like, "Look inside/Well, you might find you have some space for me." There is some really nice stuff on guitar on this song. "Let It Go" was written by Christa Couture and Don Harrison.

"Cally's Waltz"

The EP's final track, "Cally's Waltz," has a definite European quality. It's a bit haunting, both in the instrumentation and her voice. It oddly reminds me a bit of the music of Julie Delpy, particularly the waltz she wrote for Before Sunset. Christa wrote "Cally's Waltz" while living on Cally Road in London, where her phone number got printed in an ad for a call girl. Here is a taste of the lyrics: "Maybe I'm the reason it all went wrong/Maybe I could have been more faithful and strong/Would it make a difference, or is it just a nice thought/No, it didn't make no difference/You're gone."

CD Track List

  1. Gone Too Far
  2. The Most Lovely
  3. A Grief As This
  4. Let It Go
  5. Cally's Waltz

Lost was released in June, 2011. Released at the same time was Loved, which features five fan favorites recorded between 2002 and 2010. On the back of the CD cases for both discs it says, "Unauthorized duplication is totally awesome."

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