Friday, October 28, 2011

Los Abandoned Reunion

One of my favorite Los Angeles bands, Los Abandoned, is getting back together for one special show tonight. That's right: tonight. At The Echoplex in Echo Park. (The Echo is a venue where the band often played, a venue where they did some of their best shows.)

Los Abandoned are forever tied in my mind to The Peak Show and Go Betty Go and those incredible parties over at York Studios. Those were some of the best days I've spent in this city. Those shows were epic, and the music was fantastic. It's the only house party I know of that was actually the recommended show of the night in the LA Weekly (of course, that was the beginning of the end). And then of course there was that show at the Henry Fonda Theatre where every member of all three bands (Los Abandoned, The Peak Show, Go Betty Go) played together as the L.A. Cover Unit. An amazing night.

And tonight you can relive (or perhaps live for the first time) a piece of that magic. The show starts at 9 o'clock, and there is no opening band (though there will be DJ sets). Los Abandoned are going to do two sets, so you should get to hear a big chunk of their music. Tickets are only $15.

Los Abandoned broke up in 2007, leaving a horrible void in the L.A. music scene. And this reunion show is billed as a one-time thing. But I'm really hoping that tonight will prove to be simply the beginning of a new chapter for the band. After all, this is the band that convinced folks that Van Nuys es very nice.

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