Friday, November 11, 2022

Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train Is Available On Vinyl

It is that time of year, and I’ve decided to embrace it. My girlfriend and I started listening to Christmas music yesterday. And I found myself wishing all my Christmas music was on vinyl. For, whatever you might have against the holiday, Christmas does have that wonderful nostalgic vibe, being a time when we get somewhat lost in pleasant memories, mostly of childhood when we believed in magic and were largely unaware of the troubles of the world. And of course vinyl has that same warmth, at least on some psychological level, and carries that sense of nostalgia. And so it seems natural and right for Christmas music to be on vinyl. So I was happy to get one of my favorite holiday releases from last year, Paul Kelly’s Christmas Train, on vinyl. While it was a single disc on CD, it is a double album on vinyl. It is presented on traditional black vinyl, which is fitting. This is what we’ve been listening to tonight, and it is excellent. I reviewed the CD last year, and as the music is obviously the same, please click here for my full review.

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