Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Evangenitals at Bordello 10-19-10 Set List

The Evangenitals did an amazing set at Bordello's in L.A. Tuesday night. The set featured some excellent new material and a version of "Purple Rain" that will completely blow you away. You have to see these guys perform this song to believe it. (Before tonight, i'd say the best version of that song that i ever saw was done by Martin Sexton at John Henry's in Eugene, Oregon like fifteen years ago. This version tonight by The Evangenitals surpassed that one.)

The Evangenitals - 10-19-10, Bordello, Los Angeles, CA
  1. Hard Luck Song
  2. Ahab's Leg
  3. Bad Town
  4. Just Stay Away From Me
  5. Never Too Late
  6. Don't Wake From Dreaming
  7. Purple Rain
  8. How Can I Choose
  9. The Hole
(no encore)
(They started at 10:37 p.m.)

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  1. That was one helluva good time! Thanks for the great photos! :-)