Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Demon Rind: “Stupid Luck” Video Premiere

The Demon Rind is a band based up in Washington, made up of Kwab Eugene Copeland on piano, electric piano, synthesizers, percussion and vocals; Johnny Sangster on guitar and vocals; Bill Herzog on drums and vocals; and Carrie Robinson on bass and vocals. Other musicians join them on occasion, including Olie Eshleman on pedal steel, Barb Hunter on cello, Jesse Sykes on vocals, and Lance Moore on vocals. Originally called Eugene Wendell & The Demon Rind, these guys combine elements of rock, garage rock, pop and folk, sometimes delving into the darker side of things, creating an interesting and engaging sound that has a sort of cinematic quality and atmosphere at times. The band’s new album is titled Something Nice I Want To Tell You, and it is from this release that comes “Stupid Luck,” a song written by Kwab Eugene Copeland. And, actually, Copeland composed all the material for this album.

In the music video, the musicians are all sporting masks, which is beginning to not even seem weird anymore. Ah, this new reality has taken hold, hasn’t it? On the album, and in the video, “Stupid Luck” is followed by “Fury In Your Heart Part 3” (or “Fury In Your Heart Part 2,” as it is listed on Bandcamp), an instrumental number that emerges naturally. The album version, which was recorded a few years ago, and the live video version are somewhat different, and feature different musicians. 

It is my pleasure to premiere the video for The Demon Rind’s “Stupid Luck/Fury In Your Heart Part 3.” Enjoy.


 Here are the song’s lyrics, as performed in the video:

Luck, you never really know

If it's easier to look

If it's ever any good

Luck, it happens all the time

The look that you were born with and amounted to

Look at what you do

Like there's no one there but you

And the shit that you've been going through

The shit you can't express

The words that you were warned with and amounted to

(On the album version, the line “The shit you can’t express” is sung as “The words you can’t express.”)

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