Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Evangenitals at Three Clubs, 4-1-15 Concert Review

"The Hole"
The Evangenitals did an excellent set last night at Three Clubs in Hollywood, despite the lack of Lisa Dee (who is, of course, one half of the core of this band). Danny added male vocals to the mix (it’s interesting to have male vocals on a song like “I Just Forgot”), and Juli somehow took things up a notch vocally.  The Evangenitals took the stage at 9:32 p.m.

They kicked off the show with “The Hole,” which had a different feel from versions of old, what with Michael on piano, and with two fiddles. The first half of the song had a great, weird gypsy vibe that I totally dug. They followed that with “Bad Town,” with Danny on harmonica having a nice little back-and-forth conversation with Andrea on fiddle, and then Michael on piano interacting with Andrea before Joey totally kicked it on the bass.

Juli told the story behind “I Just Forgot,” and after that tune they played “Turbulent Flow,” from their newest CD, last year’s Moby Dick; Or, The Album, with Juli on the megaphone. This was the only tune they played from that CD. And what followed was the highlight of the night for me, probably the best version of “Work Song” I’ve ever heard the band do. Seriously, it was fantastic. In introducing the song, Juli said she was determined to share an awkward moment with each member of the audience by personally going around with a tip jar. And that she did, leaving the stage while the band continued with a nice, jazzy instrumental section during the dream part of the song, including a cool bass solo by Joey. Juli then returned to stage for the “Rome” part of the song. When introducing the song, Juli said they’d accept anything in the tip jar, and after the song she made a point of thanking the woman that gave them a refrigerator magnet and condoms. That got a laugh at the time, but what strikes me as odd now is that someone was carrying around a refrigerator magnet.

Anyway, they concluded the show with the always-fun “Gasoline.”

Set List
  1. The Hole
  2. Bad Town
  3. I Just Forgot
  4. Turbulent Flow
  5. Work Song
  6. Gasoline
Their set ended at approximately 10:15 p.m.

Here are a few photos from their set:

"The Hole"
"The Hole"
"I Just Forgot"
"I Just Forgot"
"Work Song"
"Work Song"

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