Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash - Kick Out The Lights!

When you're broke, getting the mail is one of the most stressful events of the day. You just know there's going to be a bill in there, and you know you can't pay it. There are many times when I consider giving up the whole ordeal, just letting the mail remain in the box. After all, if the box is closed, then the reality of the situation is still in flux. There is the chance that there are bills in there, and there is the chance that nothing is in there. And perhaps I could live within that latter reality for a while. But something tells me that might just lead to more troubles, greater troubles. And it might irritate my postal carrier.

Tonight I paid one of my bills - car insurance. Mailing my bills is a slightly less odious task whenever I use the Johnny Cash postage stamps. Something about involving Cash in the transaction makes it almost bearable. And every time I use my Johnny Cash postage stamps, I think of Ellis Paul's "Kick Out The Lights." It's such a great song. And if you get the chance to see him perform it in concert, he involves the audience, having the women sing, "Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash, Johnny Cash," and then everyone shouts, "Kick out the lights!" It might seem silly, but it's actually kind of wonderful. And I was singing it tonight as I dropped the bill into the mailbox. I had no women with me, so I took their part upon myself as well.

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