Friday, October 25, 2013

Murdergram Performs at Three Clubs, 10-24-13

Murdergram performing "Hollywood Babylon"

As everyone knows by now, Halloween is the best holiday (St. Patrick’s Day is a close second). One of the many great things about this holiday is that Murdergram gets together to do a few shows in the days leading up to Halloween. Murdergram is a special project started by Holland Greco as a sort of Halloween celebration. The band does (almost exclusively) Misfits covers. And it’s fucking awesome. They did a few shows last October, and they’ve reunited for a couple of shows this year.

The first was Thursday night at Three Clubs in Hollywood. I hadn’t been to that venue since they stopped doing ‘80s nights on Fridays, but it’s actually a cool venue for live music, as there are tables around the edge, raised a few steps from the floor, and the sound was pretty decent. Holland, as always, looked fantastic made up for Halloween. The guys all sported these creepy clear masks (at least for a good portion of the set).

They kicked off their set with "Rumble," a great instrumental number, the perfect way to get things cooking, with Holland on an electric ukulele. From there they did “Halloween Babylon” and then “Halloween,” with Joey Ninja playing his bass with a bow. Holland moved to the keyboard for a slow and very sexy rendition of “American Nightmare.”

Holland moved back to the electric ukulele for “Die, Die My Darling,” and introduced the band at the beginning of the song. There was some really nice stuff from Clark Dark on guitar. And then during “Batman Theme,” Princess Frank was glorious on the drums, really working that tom.

“Attitude” and the always-fun “Vampira” rounded out the set of Misfits tunes. And then, as a surprise, they did a couple of Holland’s original songs – “Only Up From Here” and “Flashback.” Interestingly, Holland didn’t play ukulele for those two tunes. Before “Flashback,” Holland said, “I hope you’re all in the Halloween spirit, and you’ll stay and have some Halloween spirits.” “Flashback” featured some more great stuff from Clark on guitar.

Set List
  1. Rumble
  2. Hollywood Babylon
  3. Halloween
  4. American Nightmare
  5. Die, Die My Darling
  6. Batman Theme
  7. Attitude
  8. Vampira
  9. Only Up From Here
  10. Flashback
The next Murdergram show is Sunday at The Thirsty Crow in Silverlake.


"American Nightmare"
"American Nightmare"
"Die, Die My Darling"

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